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Brothers Gage

"The likability factor is ginormous. I loved it. 4 yes's!" - Simon Cowell, America's Got Talent

"It was certainly the most unexpected and fun performance on harmonicas we've ever seen. The judges loved the performance." - Newsweek

"You made it so entertaining... I think we've only seen the beginning of who you are on that stage. I want to start off the voting with a YES" - Howie Mandel

"With their talent and boy-band appeal, these boys have a better than a good shot at staying around on 'America's Got Talent'." -

"Love love love it." "Yo! This song is sick!!!" "chillssss:)" - YouTube Commenters

"Even though the Brothers Gage didn't have a huge crowd cheering them on, the energy in the room was electric. They delivered an upbeat performance full of spunk and enthusiasm...and seemed to be having a blast in the process!" - Country Music Family

"Harmonica duo act Brothers Gage really bring it with their next performance. They perform (with their harmonicas, of course) LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" out in the middle of nowhere. It's a really fun vibe, and the brothers are clearly very talented. They're just 15 and 17 years old. They have so much potential." -

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Brothers Gage

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"They SURPRISE The Judges With Their Harmonica Skills"
Brothers Gage - "America's Got Talent" - NBC 6/30/20
"It was certainly the most unexpected and fun performance on harmonicas we've ever seen. The judges loved the performance." - Newsweek

"Brothers Gage Perform "Party Rock Anthem" on AGT!"
For their 2nd round America's Got Talent performance on NBC 7/28/20, they played a cover of the LMFAO classic "Party Rock Anthem" which instantly became an online fan favorite.

"Wagon Wheel" - (First Live Performance 2013)
The Brothers Gages' first ever live performance at a local Talent Show on 10/19/13. Brody, 8 years old, is playing harmonica and Alex, 10 years old, is playing guitar and singing.

Hello (Official Music Video)
The Brothers' official music video for their original song "Hello".

"Brothers Gage REACT to their AGT "Party Rock Anthem" Video"
The Brothers add their reaction and behind-the-scenes commentary to this 2-man harmonica music video shot near Boulder Dam, Nevada on 6/15/20.

"Brothers Gage REACTION: to their AGT 1st Audition"
The Brothers Gage add reaction and behind-the-scenes commentary to their 2-man harmonica jam called "Trading Eights". Download Single on iTunes

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Brothers Alex and Brody Gage, better known as the Brothers Gage, have been harmonizing their way into hearts since they were just five years old. Their musical journey began under the tutelage of their father, learning harmonica. It wasn't long before their talents expanded, encompassing vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards.

Their first public performance together came in 2013, a memorable moment where a young Brody (age 8) showcased his harmonica skills while Alex (age 10) sang and strummed the guitar on their rendition of "Wagon Wheel." This marked the beginning of their ongoing passion for performing and creating music.

Fast forward to 2020, and The Brothers Gage took the stage on America's Got Talent (AGT), captivating audiences with their original 2-man harmonica instrumental, "Trading Eights." Their impressive performance earned them a standing ovation from all four judges and a resounding "yes" for a chance to advance.

Since AGT, their talent has exploded on social media, particularly TikTok, where they've amassed millions of views and likes for their captivating vocal and harmonica covers.

Today, The Brothers Gage are seasoned performers, regularly gracing stages around Los Angeles and connecting with fans worldwide through their TikTok livestreams. Their musical repertoire has grown significantly since their recording debut in 2018. With 10 captivating singles (and more to come), they've garnered over 300,000 collective streams on Spotify.

Their latest release, "Denim on Denim," is a testament to their evolving artistry. This catchy, feel-good folk-pop song evokes a sense of nostalgia, celebrating the enduring power of connection.

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